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The Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) was created by the Fair Housing Act of 1985 as the State Legislature's response to a series of New Jersey Supreme Court cases known as the Mount Laurel decisions. The Supreme Court established a constitutional obligation for of the 566 municipalities in the state to establish a realistic opportunity for the provision of fair share low and moderate income housing obligations, generally through land use and zoning powers. The legislature provided an administrative alternative to this constitutional obligation via the Fair Housing Act. With Governor Christie's June 29, 2011 issuance of Reorganization Plan, No. 001-2011, the 12-member Council on Affordable Housing has been eliminated effective August 29, 2011. Recognizing that the Department of Community Affairs is responsible for providing assistance to municipalities, is charged with the oversight of the affairs of local governments, operates numerous affordable housing programs and that the performance of these obligations can be significantly improved and streamlined by consolidating the statutory functions, powers, and duties of COAH with those of the Department, the Governor transferred all functions, powers, duties, and personnel of COAH to the Commissioner of DCA. The elimination of the Council is currently a matter under litigation.

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